Wayne County’s Best Old-Fashioned Butcher Shop

For more than 20 years, Canaan Meats has been serving the community with high quality meat and great customer service.

Canaan Meats carries many meat choices – beef, poultry, pork, lamb and more. We are a state-inspected plant and members of Ohio Proud and the American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP). Purchase by the ¼, ½, whole or choose from a variety bundles. We also provide custom butchering and full processing services to area hunters and farmers, tailored to their individual needs.

In July of 2018, Canaan Meats was given the Wooster Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award for a business with fewer than 15 employees! Read the full news article at the Wooster Daily Record online.

Family Business, Personalized Service

Ryan Lilly, the owner of Canaan Meats, has been in business since 2003. He runs the shop alongside his family. Ryan’s parents, cousins, and a number of close friends help create a welcoming experience for all customers.

Canaan Meats treats customers like family, too, combining great service with friendliness every time! This makes Canaan Meats a great place to shop.

Simple Process, Great Taste!

Unlike most groceries, Canaan Meats encourage you to watch us skillfully process the meat, so you can be confident about our high quality. Our old-school, hands-on approach to butchering and processing meats is why many customers prefer Canaan Meats’ superior taste, quality, and freshness.

Try Our Original Marinades, Rubs and Sauces

You can also purchase our marinades, rubs and sauces for your own cooking creations. Talk to our staff when you come to visit; they will help you find the perfect type and flavor of meat for you and your family!

Meat Bundles for Value Buying

Meat Bundles are bulk and variety packages that are great values for meat enthusiasts, group events and large families.

Griller Pack $69.95

Pre Order Only

-1 bag (15) regular patties
-1 pk. (10) all beef hot dogs
-1 pk. (4) pork chops
-1 pk. (4) strip steaks
-1 pk. (2) shoulder steaks
-1 pk. (4) sausage links
-1 pk. beef back ribs

Family Bundle $199.95

Pre Order Only

-4 ribeyes
-2 boneless roast
-2 1-lb. pks. stew
-2 pks. beef back ribs
-16 1-lb. pks. ground beef
-1 bag (12) 4-to-1 Patties
-1 pk. (10) all-beef hot dogs

Pork Bundle $129.95

Pre Order Only

-2 lbs. bacon
-2 pks. (2) Shoulder Steaks
-1 Pork Roast
-3 pks. (4) Pork Chops
-1 pk. Country Ribs
-1 pk. Western Rib
-8 lbs. Regular Casing
-8 lbs. Regular Bulk

Beef Bundle $219.95

Pre Order Only

-8 lbs. Burger
-1 pk. (15) Regular Patties
-2 Sirloin Steaks
-2 Porterhouse Steaks
-3 T Bone Steaks
-2 Filets
-2 Round Steaks
-2 Boneless Roast

Meat Bundle $109.95

-1 bag (15) regular patties
-4 lbs. bulk ground beef
-1 pk. bacon
-1 pk. (4) boneless breast
-1 pk. (4) strip steaks
-1 pk. sausage
-1 Alaskan Pollock
-1 pk. (4) beef cube steaks
-1 bnls. roast
-1 pk. (4) pork chops
-1 pk. (10) all-beef hot dogs

NEW Bacon Flavors

-Regular Smoked
-Smoked – No Nitrates
-Brown Sugar Bourbon
-6 Pepper
-Korean BBQ
-Apple Chipotle
-Black Pepper
-Raspberry Chipotle

Deer Processing

Canaan Meats deer processing options:

2024-2025 Hunting Season Updates:

Hunting season is fast approaching and we will be having some changes this season. We will only be accepting boneless and quartered meat. This is due to sheer lack of workforce and space. We will continue to update our website regarding these situations, so please check back often. We apologies for any inconvenience and appreciate our loyal customers who support us. We also ask that you please respect our decision, as it was a difficult one to make.

  • Processing $135
  • Skinning $25
  • Cape/Shoulder Mount $40
  • Grind and wrap $0.75 / lb.
  • Qtrs $1.00 / lb
  • Beef trim $3.99 / lb.
  • Pork trim $3.00 / lb.
  • Stew Meat $0.50 / lb.
  • Patties $0.75 / lb.
  • Casing $1.50 / lb.
  • Bacon $2.00 / lb.
  • Seasoning Added $0.50 / lb.
  • Cheese Added (Cheddar or Hot Pepper) $1.00 / lb.
  • Jerky $5.00 / lb.
  • Sticks $5.00 / lb.
  • Hony BBQ Sticks $5.00 / lb.
  • Bologna $2.75 / lb.
  • Summer Sausage $2.75 / lb.
  • Hot Dogs $3.89 / lb.


Graduation party? Family reunion? Special event? Add Canaan Meats delicious treats like our pulled pork and our well-seasoned hamburger patties to keep the party going! Just place your order on Monday and pick it up on Friday or Saturday.

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